Impact and Dissemination

The project involves a substantial amount of basic research but with a clear objective of equipping economists at policy-making institutions with policy-focused models and policy evaluation tools. These models and tools should serve to integrate modelling of financial institutions and market participants’ behaviour under risk and uncertainty in quantitative and practical policy advice. The target audience comprises several groups:

  1. researchers in academia and policy making institutions;
  2. professionals that are tasked with preparing and communicating policy advice at policy institutions;
  3. decision makers at policy institutions;
  4. public media that reporton these policy areas.

To reach these diverse audiences, we need a dissemination strategy that accounts for the diverse information needs and accessibility of these groups. This work package is designed to deliver and implement such a dissemination strategy. A Communication and Dissemination Team will be formed that is led by UvA and involves a member from each consortium participant. Scientific workshops and annual conferences will take place at different locations, particularly nearby policy making institutions such as the European Commission in Brussels and the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. Elements of the dissemination strategy are:

  1. presentation of working papers at key international conferences and publication of articles in scientific journals;
  2. public distribution of computational software packages via the Consortium website;
  3. integration of certain new solution and estimation algorithms in Dynare, a publicly available, free software with a huge community of users (see www.dynare.org);
  4. integration of new models in the Macroeconomic Model Database a publicly available, web-based archive for model comparison and policy evaluation;
  5. involvement of leading academics and policy makers, specifically members of the Advisory Board, as keynote speakers at Consortium Workshops and Annual Conferences;
  6. distribution of policy briefs on key innovations and findings to a wide audience via blogs and other formats;
  7. a targeted strategy for interesting media in topical contributions of the consortium.

Key Objectives

(O.12.1) Set up a Communication and Dissemination team and plan the implementation of the above-described dissemination strategy.

(O.12.2) Plan the involvement of Advisory Board Members in scientific workshops and annual conferences and use their visibility to also attract key European policy makers to these events.

(O.12.3) Ensure a high visibility of the project by presenting the progress made via a professional website, working and policy briefs and other selected media outlets.

(O.12.4) Engage and inform stakeholders through workshops and conferences.

(O.12.5) Create a two-way follow-up system by synchronizing main project events with important policy events and decisions.

Main participants