Effective and efficient management of the consortium activities, networking and research dissemination is crucial for the steady progress and timely completion of the planned work effort. To ensure success in this regard, we have envisioned a clear decision-making structure involving internal feedback channels and outside advice from influential scientists and stakeholders. Furthermore, regular reporting on the progress achieved is assured by the Coordinator with the support of lead participants for each RTD work package. Regular meetings and annual conferences serve to ensure the interaction between the research teams from the different partners and with leading academics and policy makers from around the world. The management of the research consortium will be provided by the Coordinator. The scientific coordinator will be supported by an assistant manager at the Amsterdam School of Economics at the University of Amsterdam who is tasked with ensuring that managerial requirements are always fulfilled in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

Key Objectives

(O.13.1) Provide an effective decision making structure, feedback and oversight scheme for the entire project.

(O.13.2) Assure high quality and timely delivery of research output and monitor the fulfilment of the consortium agreement.

(O.13.3) Resolve conflicts in a fair and timely manner and enforce the consortium agreement.

(O.13.4) Support an effective and far-reaching dissemination strategy and process.

Main participants